New features!

May 24, 2017

Dear members of the Climatescope community,

Thank you for the interest you have shown over the years in The site has attracted tens of thousands of visitors since the re-launch in December 2016, tracking the energy transition in emerging markets. We are pleased to announce a series of new enhancements.


Quarterly Off-grid Market Outlooks

Discover the latest developments in distributed energy and electrification in emerging or remote markets, put together every quarter by Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s new Frontier Power team. Find them under Insights > Off-grid Quarterly

Figure 1

The Off-grid Data Hub

For the first time, the data hub allows users to discover all of Climatescope dedicated ‘off-grid’ sub-indicators. These include qualitative and quantitative information, such as energy access policies and budgets, mini-grid development regulation, electricity prices and pico-solar market access conditions. Find it under Resources > Off-grid Data Hub

Figure 2


In addition to adding new features related to the off-grid market, we made key updates to existing features.

Country profiles

Power sector structures now include country-specific notes for each sub-indicator that can be visualized when hovering over them. Installed capacity charts now allow the user to visualize the full capacity mix split by technology.

Country comparison tool

Use the tool to compare where countries stack up in Climatescope. The tool now includes all the indicators found on country profiles including their price attractiveness for clean energy development, financing levels, policy environments, and more.

Policy library

The library contains well over 800 policies described in simple language and links to underlying texts such as legislation and regulation. The library now has a new filter that allows you to sort policies by the most important renewable energy policy types, such as auctions or feed-in tariffs.


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